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Blog Re-entrant

In an attempt to hopefully resume blogging, I’m re-enabling and re-entering the blogosphere. A new year comes with new resolutions including those of the past, and making old resolutions stick and work through should be amongst the new ones.

I’ve never been good at speaking my mind. My English literature is quite poor too. With new projects and prospective biddings within the community, I intend to share the endeavors and try to make those be heard through this portal at the same time try weaving a firm net below my literature so words won’t fall off before they hit your ears.

Firstly an attempt at reviving our local Linux User Group, a group of members have been actively participating in discussions towards a better direction for it. They have successfully hosted a small meet up and the minutes are available on the group’s discussion page at Google groups. Branching off from this and possibly parenting the movement might be a new entity, Maldives Open Source Society (MOSS) in the hope to establish, promote and advocate Open Source Software in general and it’s benefits.

I intend to summarize my thoughts and opinions on these and similar matters and other things of my interest. Possibly in much subtle methods than before in the hope to be honest and generous in my words and messages. A happy new year to you all and let 2009 be a period for prolific development and betterment of our lives and the community we live in. Cheers.